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Full Version: 5 steps to do while cleaning the kitchen
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5 steps to do while cleaning the kitchen
One of the places that need good cleanliness inside the homes are the kitchens, and one of the most places that cause fatigue and exhaustion for women inside the homes are the kitchens, because the kitchens always need cleanliness because of the fats and oils accumulated due to cooking and making foods, and the kitchens must be cleaned at the highest level Of efficiency and quality, in order not to transmit diseases, epidemics or infections to household members, and the cleanliness of kitchens must be carried out in organized and organized ways and steps to reach the highest level of hygiene.

First: Clean the walls, floors and ceilings inside the kitchens
To clean the floors, walls and ceilings of the kitchen, the following must be done:

Completely empty the kitchen of all food and drinks.
Clear it of all supplies, equipment, etc.
Ceilings are thoroughly cleaned of dust and sticky dust, and all stains, smoke, grease, and others are cleaned.
Cleaning the walls of fats and oils accumulated due to cooking and making foods and drinks.
After that, the floors are cleaned well, and high-quality detergents are used to get rid of stains and sticky lumps.
Floors and walls are disinfected and sterilized using highly efficient and quality disinfecting materials.
Second: Cleaning the kitchen cupboards and the basic structure of the kitchens
Kitchen cupboards and the basic structure of the kitchens are cleaned with precision, care and attention, in order to reach the level of quality and high efficiency without causing any losses, as follows:

Evacuate the cupboards and the basic structure of the kitchens from all the utensils, dishes and supplies that are inside them.
First we start spraying safe pesticides to get rid of any insects present.
High quality and efficient cleaners are used to clean the drawers, cupboards and main body of kitchens.
The whole kitchen is disinfected with high-efficiency disinfection materials.
Then we start arranging all the utensils, dishes and household items inside the kitchens.
Everything is put back in place, or changed for better and improved.
Third: Cleaning tools and utensils inside the kitchens
All utensils and tools used in kitchens are cleaned in the following ways:

Clean dishes, spoons and utensils well with soap and water.
Clean all fine things that are used in kitchens.
Disinfect and sterilize all kitchen utensils after cleaning, washing and drying them well.
Arrange and organize all kitchen utensils to their places again.
Fourth: Cleaning the marble for kitchens and sinks
Marble and diseases inside the kitchens are evacuated from all the things on them to be cleaned as follows:

A mixture of lemon, vinegar or salt is prepared with water.
A large brush is used to scrub and clean stains, grease, and oils that have accumulated in sinks or on marbles.
Food scraps are disposed of as soon as possible and tossed in the litter box.
Marble and sinks are cleaned again with lukewarm water and lemon.
Marble and basins are disinfected and sterilized, then dried thoroughly.
Fifth: Cleaning ovens and refrigerators
Cleaning the refrigerator and weddings inside the kitchens requires a very hard effort, due to the accumulation of some sticky food and drinks inside them, which is done in steps:

Fridge cleaning:
Get rid of old foods and drinks first and clean their places well.
Clean the drawers and shelves inside the refrigerator, by loving them and washing them with water well.
The shelves and drawers are dried well before they are returned to their places again.
The refrigerator door is cleaned well and thoroughly.
In the end, food and drinks are arranged well inside the refrigerator, and a piece of coal is placed to absorb the unpleasant odors.
Oven cleaning:
Ovens need care and attention in cleaning them to avoid any error or losses.
The oven is completely evacuated, of all objects on it and inside it.
A cloth and caustic soda are prepared to clean all fat and rust inside and outside the oven

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