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NBA 2K21 MyTeam Tokens Guide
If you desire the most effective cards in My Group, unlocking them with tokens is one way to do it. Yet, how do you get the tokens? As well as where do you use them? Below's how to make MyTeam Tokens and where to use them in NBA 2K21.

[Image: 1N_U2w9X3bwq5GeKdO2E9zAp6t2gX_a5Zx1EX3Gc...authuser=0]

How to get MyTeam Tokens in NBA 2K21?

You can obtain tokens from completing different tasks in MyTeam, as well as it is as follows:

• 3 in 3 matches vs. CPU or online to get Triple Threat.
• 5 in 5 games vs. CPU to get Domination.
• Matches with stipulations vs. CPU to get Challenges.
• 5 in 5 matches vs. CPU with lineup restrictions to get MyTeam Limited.

Where to Utilize Tokens in NBA 2K21?

Tokens are utilized for gamer cards from the Load Market tab. Considering that they are money utilized in the game, as it acts as a redeemable item, it is essential to think about the order of the rarities.

All cards within the marketplace are ordered by rarity:

• Emerald.
• Sapphire.
• Ruby.
• Amethyst.
• Diamond.
• Pink Diamond.
• Galaxy Opal.

Each brand-new rarity level will need that you've finished retrieved incentives in the previous classification:

• Emerald Cards – Starting Tier.
• Sapphire Cards – To unlock the Sapphire section, you need 10 Emerald cards.
• Ruby Cards – To unlock the Ruby section, you need 10 Sapphire cards.
• Amethyst Cards – To unlock the Amethyst section, it is necessary to have 12 Ruby cards.
• Diamond Cards – To unlock the Diamond section, it is necessary to have 12 Amethyst.
• Pink Diamond Cards – To unlock the Pink Diamond section, you need 10 Diamonds.
• Galaxy Opal Cards – To unlock the Galactic Opal section, it is necessary to have 8 Pink Diamond.

That should be every little thing you need to know about making MyTeam Tokens and where to use them in NBA 2K21. Also, read here for more NBA 2k21 ideas, updates, and guides. Certainly, you can likewise obtain 2k21 mt here while appreciating meager prices as well as premium solutions.

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