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Insect and pest damage
Insect and pest damage
There are many insects and pests on the planet, but not all insects and pests cause damage to human health, and there are insects that have many benefits as they eliminate some harmful pests by feeding on them, and there are insects that cause direct and indirect damage to humans, such as:

Bed bugs are small insects that spread in bedding and clothes, and between home furniture such as the sofa and others, as they get their food by absorbing human blood, which causes severe itching in the skin, and then the person becomes hypersensitive. Reducing the feeling of severe itching and getting rid of sensitivity and swelling.
There are also insects that cause damage and damage to agricultural grains, as they feed on them directly, such as the agricultural grain weevil, and the flour butterfly, which is known as the Indian butterfly, and there is also the grain butterfly insect that lives among beans, wheat, corn, etc. agricultural.
The louse that causes direct harm to humans, birds, and animals as it depends on sucking the blood of the organism, which causes the spread and transmission of infection and this happens every few hours. The harm is the presence of ulcers on the scalp.
The mosquito that has direct damage as it sucks human blood, causing severe itching in the skin, and it is one of the most dangerous infectious insects that contribute significantly to the transmission of diseases between people, and may reach the point of death as it transmits viruses and microbes from the infected person to the person There are different, more ferocious types that cause damage to agricultural plants, and animals as well.
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And also:
Mice are crawling insects that depend for their food on grain and human food, and they also have rodents that enact them by gnawing wood, curtains, carpets, and furnishings, as they cause complete damage to home furniture, and they are also insects that may cause serious diseases when they do some Man is in a time of danger like a deadly plague.
Scorpion is a crawling insect that has severe damage to human health, as it stings humans and leaves its poison in the body, causing paralysis and over time, the spread of poison in the body leads to human death.
Geckos are crawling insects that live in homes to search for their food, and they have a frightening form that causes discomfort to some people, and they are one of the insects that have the ability to hide from humans as they contain poison that they leave on exposed food, and they carry many parasites. The harmful microbes that they transmit to the food while standing on it, and thus are transmitted to the human being if he eats them.
Cockroaches are crawling insects, of which there are more than one type. They also have the ability to reproduce in a few days. They depend for their food on leftovers and waste, and they also have the ability to hide inside sewers, which causes the transmission of diseases to food and from there to humans.
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Methods of controlling insects and pests
Everyone wants to get rid of insects and pests without using chemicals that have damage to animal and human health, such as pneumonia, shortness of breath, and other chronic diseases. Therefore, it is preferable to control insects and pests without using chemicals by:

Water and liquid soap are natural recipes that have a superior ability to eliminate insects and pests, as we put a quantity of liquid soap in a bowl containing water, then we wipe the floor of the house well.
It is also preferable to repeat three times a week, as the soap contains a toxic substance that eliminates crawling insects such as ants, cockroaches, and other insects that cannot be seen.
The second method
Insects and pests can be controlled without the use of chemicals, as hot pepper is used in the manufacture of the pesticide, by grinding the pepper leaves well and then bringing the sun soap and grating it.
After that we mix hot pepper with grated soap in 1 liter of hot water and leave it for twelve hours, after that five liters of water are added to the solution until it becomes thick, then it is diluted with water again, after that we use the solution to control insects and pests harmful.
Third method الطريقة
Potato Leaves A solution to combat insects and pests can be made by using potato leaves, by placing two hundred and twenty grams of potato leaves in a bowl containing 1 liter of hot water.
Then we leave the solution for four hours, then we filter the leaves from the water, and then liquid soap is added to the potato water, where we put the solution inside a spray bottle and use it to control insects with repetition more than once, and the solution can also be used to control plant insects.
Fourth method
Orange is a citrus fruit that has a superior ability to combat insects and harmful pests, as it is one of the best recipes that eliminate mollusks such as worms and larvae, so we put an amount of orange peel in a bowl of hot water, then add hot red pepper to it and leave it for four hours .
After that, we filter the solution from the peel, put the solution water in a spray bottle and spray the plants, and the solution can also be used to control ants and cockroaches that spread in homes.

Translated from:
التخلص من الحشرات
بودرة للقضاء علي البق

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