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How to find Ezekiel in Shattrath in WoW TBC Classic?
With the release of Burning Crusade Classic on World of Warcraft, players will be able to do or redo the quests of the first expansion of Blizzard's MMORPG.

Ezekiel is a quest that takes place in Shattrath. To accomplish this just talk to Ezekiel who is patrolling around the Terrace of Light.

How to find Ezekiel in Shattrath in WoW TBC Classic?
Ezekiel is the second quest in a sequel starting with I See Dead Draenei that is taken in front of the Auchenai crypts near Ha'lei. You must then speak to Ramdor the Mad who asks you to recover the Book of the Dead, and informs you that Ezekiel is in his possession. The latter tells you that he had it stolen and sends you back to the ruffians in the city.

You have to "convince" them so that they admit to you having sold it to draenei of Nagrand, once the draenei found this one prepares you to perceive the spirits before sending you to eliminate Levixus during the last quest Levixus the Soul mandator.

Ezekiel patrols around the Terrace of Light in Shattrath, passing under bridges and stopping his march when a player speaks to him.

Be careful to check under the four bridges so as not to miss it inadvertently.

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